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Sunday, January 24, 2010

RE: the new format

We need to take a picture of the shed for the header of the blog. Also, I think putting a whole months worth of updates on one page severely slows the page down. I don't want to have to consider how fast the page loads when I spam updates. Other then that I like the way the shed blog looks. The only other suggestion I would make would be to rename the blog to just 'The Shed', but The Shed Crew is fine as well. We would probably have to redo the blog from scratch if we were to rename it now that I think about it. So on second thought no we shouldn't do that.

Also, you lurkers out there, if you read the blog and like it please set yourself up as a follower so we can know who you are. I'm willing to bet this is one of those places you go every day, let us know you exist.

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