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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mitt Romney

I know this is late, but I think its important for all of us to understand this guy in case he decides to run again, thank God he isn't the governor anymore.

A homeless Vietnam veteran has claimed that current presidential candidate Mitt Romney had oral sex with him in exchange for food, blankets and ‘hugs’ in the winter of 1994, the Canadian media reported today. Ron Whitecastle, now 63, says that Romney ‘would show-up in the alley all coked-up and offer bags of hamburgers to let him suck us off'. Experts say that closet homosexuals often resort to acts of intimacy with strangers of poor reputation in order to exercise their sexual urges without interference with their public life. "He would ask for reciprocation but I refused," says Whitecastle. "He also liked being slapped while he was doing his thing. He really got into it." The effects of this information on the upcoming US presidential primary elections is not yet known and neither the Romney nor the McCain campaigns have commented.

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