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Monday, January 4, 2010

My Vape Quest (part II)

Having likely found the best place for information regarding vaporizers in fuckcombustion.com, now all I had to do was skim over the reams of material. I was interested in hearing those people who owned several different vapes. Some of these people really take this shit seriously. I was surprised at the collections of vapes and paraphernalia that some of these guys possessed. Real hard core smokers post on this site. Not to mention the number of different commercially produced vaporizers is at least ten times what I had assumed it to be.

This opens up another possibility. I can actually find a vaporizer that is right for me. I realized I was going about this the wrong way. Instead of just grabbing the best reviewed product, I needed to do an assessment of what it was I wanted out of a vape. I would then factor in all the pros and cons of each unit, and choose one that best fit my lifestyle. This sounds like a lot of work, but It is something I really enjoy doing, and this sort of research is really worth it in the end.

I did find the Extreem vaporizer on Fuckcombustion, and it was very well regarded. GotVape.com didn't lie when It rated it a top vape, but I had to cross it off my list. Everyone agreed that it did everything well, but it wasn't really best at anything, a 300 dollar jack of all trades. The forum thread on the Extreem reached over 100 thousand views. It was a popular vape, but dwarfed by a vaporizer I had not heard of before.

The Purple Days, by far the most popular design on the forums, weighing in at over 225 thousand views. The thread was started by the creator of Purple Days, in it he outlines his experiences with vapes, and details the design history of the Purple Days. The device isn't what I expected. I couldn't really grasp its function from the description (he mostly goes into the construction process, materials, and design), so I dug up this Youtube video:

Pretty simple. The inventor has a Youtube channel as well: http://www.youtube.com/user/PurpleDays2008. He has put up several videos of his manufacturing process. The lengths he goes to for transparency is impressive.
The Purple Days fits my criteria better then the Extreem. Its small and compact, about the size of a can of soda. Perfect for lone vaping. I'm not planning on throwing parties so I don't really need something like the Extreem. The Purple Days also functions as an aromatherapy gadget, so its pretty stealthy I wouldn't need to hide it. According to many users it is the most efficient vaporizer on the market. It uses the least amount of herb. It can stretch a bag out longer then anything out there. He orders ROHS parts, and uses non-leaded solder for the healthiest experience possible. It even comes with a car adapter, but I think thats a mistake. There's nothing like encouraging driving under the influence to attract the feds. I know herbal vaporizers aren't illegal, but nowadays that doesn't seem to matter. I'm sure the government can make peoples lives miserable if they want, when they want.

Now for the cons. It costs 185 dollars. This is pretty cheap compared to the Extreem, but it also doesn't do nearly as much as the Extreem. It is not a whip type of vaporizer. It uses a small tube. Sorry Jabba, maybe another time. Then there is the deal breaker. There is a ten week wait! He simply has too many orders to fill, and he refuses to let anyone else make the Purple Days. Its noble, but that doesn't help me get vaping this week.

The Purple Days was destined for another day it seems. In the meantime I had to find something. After scratching off half a dozen more vapes from the list I came upon a familiar device.

The Vapor Genie is powered by a butane lighter. Basically you use the lighter to heat a ceramic filter that keeps the flame from burning the herbs below. Andy has this vape. I was seriously considering buying this to tide me over while I wait in line for a Purple Days. You can't beat the price (around $45), but it just seems too much like hitting from a pipe. I'm looking to completely change the way I enjoy herb. I would rather do away entirely with the butane lighter, and this Christmas wiped me out. I really can't justify buying two vaporizers right now. Back to the drawing board.

Tomorrow I will reveal the vape I decided to purchase. It should be in the mail right now. When it arrives I will do a comprehensive review. You will be able to read about me getting ripped, or ripped off, later this week. So tune in tomorrow, or Wednesday if I'm too busy.

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