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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Life lessons with Mr. T

Just a few warehouse accident videos before we all go back to work tomorrow.

Notice how everyone goes back to work like it never happened.

Forklift accident in Moscow at a vodka warehouse.

Not sure what this guy was trying to accomplish here, but I'm sure this wasn't it.

This dude barely GTFO with his life.

Lets all LOL at the double stacked pallet!

More of that scary WorksafeBC shit!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Informative Video

Yeah, so the next time you go and accept things as fact, get a load of this video. How much of what we hear explained to us is real? How much is misunderstood, or decieving?

Disregard that, video seems legit.

Smoking Aces Kid

I saw smoking Aces the other day. There was a particular scene in the middle of the movie that made me laugh harder then anything I've seen in years. I did a quick search on YouTube, but all the good versions of the clip were banned by Viacom. Well, this scene is too good not to share, so I now present to you a grainy version of the clip, enjoy. Oh, and burn a Viacom executive alive when you get a chance. Be sure to film it with a 10 year old Sony Handicam, and post it on YouTube for me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Inner Circle

Amazing film of the Nazi High Command right after the results of election night this past week. Is it just me or do you think Adolph is overreacting a little?

Crazy Gymnast

RE: the new format

We need to take a picture of the shed for the header of the blog. Also, I think putting a whole months worth of updates on one page severely slows the page down. I don't want to have to consider how fast the page loads when I spam updates. Other then that I like the way the shed blog looks. The only other suggestion I would make would be to rename the blog to just 'The Shed', but The Shed Crew is fine as well. We would probably have to redo the blog from scratch if we were to rename it now that I think about it. So on second thought no we shouldn't do that.

Also, you lurkers out there, if you read the blog and like it please set yourself up as a follower so we can know who you are. I'm willing to bet this is one of those places you go every day, let us know you exist.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

David Blaine's Record

Wow, You were right James, David Blaine really did hold his breath for over 17 minutes. I'm sorry to have doubted you. He trained really hard, slept in a hyperbaric chamber for weeks to build up his red blood cell count, and meditated to get his heart rate down to 38 bpm at rest. The record he broke was for pure O2 however, this is the trick. You breath pure O2 for several minutes before holding your breath. This allows you to hold for 2-3 times longer then you can normally. The record is for pure O2 breath holding though, and its damn impressive. He gave a Ted Talk about it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Spinning Baseball Bat Trick

Let me know if I've alreay posted this. I know I've seen this shit before. He spins the bat so fast the framerate of the camera cant really render it properly.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Buddha Boy

North Korea

Hour long documentary on North Korea.

This video is really great BTW. I have heard stories about North Korea, but this documentary has really opened my eyes as to how nutty things are over there.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas tree burning

Tim Minchin

Happy Little Africuns

The Guilt Song (Fuck the Poor)

Some People Have It Worse Than I

If You Open Your Mind Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out (Take My Wife)

Peace Anthem for Palestine

Song for Big Fat Quiz

This is off of a year end show called Big Fat Quiz on Channel Four in Britain.

Not Perfect

This song blew me away after listening to a bunch of his funny stuff.  This is kind of funny but really nice and well done song with great lyrics.

Cults: Dangerous Devotion

This Documentary is pretty good. Its a bit long, but it covers a ton of the more sinister cults out there. There is a good summary of Charlie Manson, and it gets into some detail about Jonestown.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kim Peek

Kim Peek, otherwise known as The Rain Man passed away December 19th. I didn't hear about it until now. I feel bad that such an incredible living archive has been destroyed.

Aqua Skipping

I would normally vet this shit, but I want to know whats up with this douchbag. He grunts like a mongoloid before he launches his skipper. He's just really wierd.

Death Metal Rooster

Good doggies!

Ginger the dog really works the girl in pink over. She looks exhausted. His sincere attempts at copulation are met with laughter and cheers.

Expensive funnel.

OF all the things to sell, I think you can get something like this at Walmart for 99 cents.

Is this an ad or a movie trailer?

it seems a bit long for a commercial.

Tide Commercial

I've heard a story from somebody who this actually happened to, but I can't remember any details.

*EDIT* lol, I remember now...

Slaughter Your World

Children of God: Lost and Found

Check out this unbelievable cult! I'm amazed this stayed under my radar all this time.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow

I Meant to post this last night, but I was tired and forgetful.

A little background is in order. Dr. Temple Grandin is the inventor of a device called a hugbox. It basically is a device that squeezes autistic people, and gives them a sense of being held. This apparently calms the little spazzes down. Asspie is the internet colloquial term for a person with the autistic spectrum disorder Asperger's Syndrome. Being a particularly pathetic way of effectively treating a disease, it has given rise to the phrase "Go back to your hugbox asspie". This has made Temple Grandin an internet celebrity of sorts. Luckily she is autistic herself, and cannot understand how awful that really is.

The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off.

I first saw this documentary a couple years ago. I was browsing Comcast and this came up, so naturally I selected it immediately. This sort of thing is right up my alley it seems. This wasn't what I expected however, it is about a man with an unspeakably awful disease. I've found YouTube to be a great place to find documentaries. It seems the copyright owners of these don't mind them being shared. Anyway, I was particularly struck by how Tony Blair responds to meeting Johnny Kennedy for the first time. He looked to me like he wanted to run the fuck out of there at first sight. Anyway, despite the generally depressing nature of this show I still feel to watch it would be a good use of time. Without further delay...


Don't let the title of this YouTube video fool you. This is the best media I have found explaining the inner workings of the LHC.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I got hard from it...

My Vape Quest (part III)

Well, its been days since I posted about the search. Writing these things take me a lot of time. Its not like a pile of YouTube embeds. YouTube takes seconds. The Vaporizer has arrived, and I plan on doing a review with photos (hopefully).

After the dozen or so models I browsed through with detail I had really liked the Purple Days, but I couldn't stand to wait more than two months of them to fill my order. Then I remembered the Purple Days was an improvement of an older vape, the AromaZap. I searched the forum for AromaZap and sure enough the guy who makes these (I know him only as Rick) has a thread. I bought the hardwood version of his vape, the MyrtleZap. Its made out of myrtle wood which grows on the Oregon coast, yada yada. These guys are literally making these things out of their garages and selling them.


The metal flower thing is an aroma diffuser. If the Purple Days is the Roman version of this vaporizer design, then the MrytleZap is the classic Greece it was based on. Rick is still making these. He is in his sixties, and he says he doesn't want his operation to be big again. He claims he can't do the volume, but he is still taking orders. My MyrtleZap was a solid block of wood last Sunday when I placed the order. It came in Monday at noon, eight days later. He's been on the FuckCumbustion forums for months now and still has no waiting list.

I was really impressed with the priority mail. It got here from Oregon by the USPS. Government workers brought my MyrtleZap from Oregon to my door sometime in those 8 days, over the weekend (I really think he said it shipped Friday). At any rate it somehow got to me in two or three days (one of which was a Sunday) for about eight bucks, this was included in the price Rick quotes on his webpage.

I will say it is nice. It is not like the ones on the website. It is turned on a lathe from solid MyrtleWood, and it looks great. As of this post I'm still getting the hang of hitting form it, but I'm pretty happy with it. It looks like something you would have around a nice office. It looks good with my desk. I'm more concerned about how it stands the test of time, but it is nicely lathed smooth. I does not look like corners were cut in the manufacture. The wood is solid, and it has a nice color and contrasting grain. I will shine it up with some of the included beeswax polish and post pictures soon.

Myrtle wood has a low specific gravity so it doesn't shed a lot of heat from the heat exchanger. It pleasantly warm when you hold it at its maximum temerature, but I am told it will insulate more as the new wood dries out, so It should get cooler to the touch as it ages. After this burn-in period the vape should hit little hotter which is better.

It certainly works. I was surprised at the small size of the bowl. The quality of the hits depend on the way the bowl is packed. Getting the correct volume and tightness of pack is key. Then there is a sort of technique you have to use to inhale the vapors. If you've ever made wierd noises with drinking straws you'll have already mastered this. The amount left over from a session with this thing is shockingly small. I suppose the plant matter loses volume from the vaporization process, but this thing is seriously efficient.

Vapor is a convenient thing for me. The smell is there, but it doesn't linger in clouds. It has no tar so it doesn't turn all your shit brown (go ahead, put a dab of windex on something smooth in your house. I dare you if your a smoker.) It doesn't cling to your fingers and in your clothes.

The unit is gets its power from a standard wall wart with a common plug. This is all homebrew shit without the taint of proprietary plugs. It does however, come with a car adapter. I will likely never use the car adapter, I don't like bone cruises at all. You can however use it as a car air freshener, and in this weather I'm seriously considering bringing this thing out to the car in the mornings to warm my hand when I clear the now from my car.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

U.S. Soldier personifying imperial overstretch

Chalmers Johnson on why the Soviet Union collapsed and what it means for us


Astronomy Cast

Astronomy Cast takes a fact based journey through the cosmos as it offers listeners weekly discussions on astronomical topics ranging from planets to cosmology. Hosted by Fraser Cain (Universe Today) and Dr. Pamela L. Gay (SIUE), this show brings the questions of an avid astronomy lover direct to an astronomer. Together Fraser and Pamela explore what is known and being discovered about the universe around us.

The latest one is on multiverses and is pretty good. The do a good job with most subjects and are up to episode 166 so it's pretty comprehensive and all freely available.

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Binge Thinking History

If you go to his page and click podcasts, that is the only way to see all his pages without iTunes. He starts all the way back at the foundational documents of the Magna Carta and works through English history up to the American revolution in the first four episodes, switches to the Battle of London for five episodes in sometimes excruciating but interesting detail, then the history of the Royal Navy since with his last episode being about Captain James Cook. I didn't like him because he was a dirty imperialist but this podcast gave me a different view of him. Great podcast all around.

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The Bugle

The Bugle has John Oliver of the Daily Show and Andy Zaltzman, a british comedian who is pretty funny and given to incredibly long contrived word play jokes. They're friends and pretty funny together. Hands down the funniest podcast out there.

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History According to Bob

This guy is a history professor and general lover of all history. He usually tackles several themes or topics and does ten to twenty minutes about one of the topics a day. He is awesome and incredibly knowledgeable. Another thing that's really great about this podcast is that he provides the sources he used for the topic for further reading. This podcast is so awesome I am probably gonna pay for access to the archives once he has that available in mp3 format.

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In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg

This is a BBC radio show in Britain that is like Tom Ashbrook but way better. He just did a huge three hour show on the Royal Society of Britain. The geological formation of Britain was another great episode and a recent episode about the Samurai. Really well structured show, very knowledgeable guests and awesome topics. Best of all, no callers.



This is one of my favorite podcasts of all. They make fun of religion with a scholarly bent for why the ideas of these religions are ridiculous. Their episode on Jehovah's Witnesses is great and they are usually pretty funny.

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My History Beats Up Your Politics

This guy has read more political memoirs than should be reasonably expected to be possible but he brings a lot of historical context to current events by contrasting what we do today with how it is like what our ancestors did and how they dealt and how well it worked. Really great podcast if a bit of a dry style. If this podcast were read by Ben Stein I would still listen. Another one I am considering paying for the archives of, especially since it's only ten bucks.

And there is no RSS feed immediately obvious but you can download a bunch from his blog directly.

This American Life

White people entertainment at it's height, they bring stories from anywhere and they are usually pretty good with some being completely amazing. One of my absolute favorites was this episode about a preacher at a mega church who stops believing in hell. The first story in this episode about Nauru, a little island in the south Pacific that got fucked hard is great, the second story not so much but it was interesting.

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The Napoleon Bonaparte Podcast

This is an awesome podcast that is pretty epic in scope. It is the biography of Napoleon from a professional Napoleonic historian, J. David Markham, and an amateur Napoleon enthusiast, Cameron Reilly (he also has his own podcast and is the CEO of the Podcast Network), and they discuss Napoleon's life in as much detail as they can and they give an awesome picture of Napoleon. Listen from episode 1 to 53, this must be listened to in order. Think of it as a rambling improv audiobook about Napoleon.

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I have many more podcasts so I will hopefully have more up later but they will be more obscure and probably less interesting.

Porn SFW

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Necro's new music video.

I've gotta say, this shit is disturbing even for me. He really has outdone himself this time. I never thought that there was anything that I couldn't get a chuckle out of, but I think Necro has found it. I'll let you be the judge.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I don't care what anyone is doing...

I just hope they don't lie to anyone about it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Vape Quest (part II)

Having likely found the best place for information regarding vaporizers in fuckcombustion.com, now all I had to do was skim over the reams of material. I was interested in hearing those people who owned several different vapes. Some of these people really take this shit seriously. I was surprised at the collections of vapes and paraphernalia that some of these guys possessed. Real hard core smokers post on this site. Not to mention the number of different commercially produced vaporizers is at least ten times what I had assumed it to be.

This opens up another possibility. I can actually find a vaporizer that is right for me. I realized I was going about this the wrong way. Instead of just grabbing the best reviewed product, I needed to do an assessment of what it was I wanted out of a vape. I would then factor in all the pros and cons of each unit, and choose one that best fit my lifestyle. This sounds like a lot of work, but It is something I really enjoy doing, and this sort of research is really worth it in the end.

I did find the Extreem vaporizer on Fuckcombustion, and it was very well regarded. GotVape.com didn't lie when It rated it a top vape, but I had to cross it off my list. Everyone agreed that it did everything well, but it wasn't really best at anything, a 300 dollar jack of all trades. The forum thread on the Extreem reached over 100 thousand views. It was a popular vape, but dwarfed by a vaporizer I had not heard of before.

The Purple Days, by far the most popular design on the forums, weighing in at over 225 thousand views. The thread was started by the creator of Purple Days, in it he outlines his experiences with vapes, and details the design history of the Purple Days. The device isn't what I expected. I couldn't really grasp its function from the description (he mostly goes into the construction process, materials, and design), so I dug up this Youtube video:

Pretty simple. The inventor has a Youtube channel as well: http://www.youtube.com/user/PurpleDays2008. He has put up several videos of his manufacturing process. The lengths he goes to for transparency is impressive.
The Purple Days fits my criteria better then the Extreem. Its small and compact, about the size of a can of soda. Perfect for lone vaping. I'm not planning on throwing parties so I don't really need something like the Extreem. The Purple Days also functions as an aromatherapy gadget, so its pretty stealthy I wouldn't need to hide it. According to many users it is the most efficient vaporizer on the market. It uses the least amount of herb. It can stretch a bag out longer then anything out there. He orders ROHS parts, and uses non-leaded solder for the healthiest experience possible. It even comes with a car adapter, but I think thats a mistake. There's nothing like encouraging driving under the influence to attract the feds. I know herbal vaporizers aren't illegal, but nowadays that doesn't seem to matter. I'm sure the government can make peoples lives miserable if they want, when they want.

Now for the cons. It costs 185 dollars. This is pretty cheap compared to the Extreem, but it also doesn't do nearly as much as the Extreem. It is not a whip type of vaporizer. It uses a small tube. Sorry Jabba, maybe another time. Then there is the deal breaker. There is a ten week wait! He simply has too many orders to fill, and he refuses to let anyone else make the Purple Days. Its noble, but that doesn't help me get vaping this week.

The Purple Days was destined for another day it seems. In the meantime I had to find something. After scratching off half a dozen more vapes from the list I came upon a familiar device.

The Vapor Genie is powered by a butane lighter. Basically you use the lighter to heat a ceramic filter that keeps the flame from burning the herbs below. Andy has this vape. I was seriously considering buying this to tide me over while I wait in line for a Purple Days. You can't beat the price (around $45), but it just seems too much like hitting from a pipe. I'm looking to completely change the way I enjoy herb. I would rather do away entirely with the butane lighter, and this Christmas wiped me out. I really can't justify buying two vaporizers right now. Back to the drawing board.

Tomorrow I will reveal the vape I decided to purchase. It should be in the mail right now. When it arrives I will do a comprehensive review. You will be able to read about me getting ripped, or ripped off, later this week. So tune in tomorrow, or Wednesday if I'm too busy.

My Vape Quest (part I)

Lately I've been using my free time to research herb vaporizers. I've been interested in this for a few years now, but I could never justify the expense, and most of the models that aren't ripoffs are pretty pricey.

My quest began years ago, I had no idea where to start so I loaded up Google, and typed 'best vaporizers'. Like a creationist self medicating on delusion, I trusted in the sacred black box algorithm stored in the hallowed vaults of a Google data center. The first site http://www.bestvaporizers.com/ seemed legit. The site pointed me towards several high priced units. I had heard of the volcano. I had seen a model in operation in the movie 'Super High Me', however filling a bag with vapor seemed inefficient (condensation), and it reminded me of that scene in the movie 'Kids' where they are huffing nitrous out of balloons. Not to mention it costs like 500+ dollars. The Vapezilla, on the other hand looked cool. It too was expensive, but it won the cannibus cup of 2004 and it had a crazy tube, which I would come to know as a whip, for taking hits like Jabba the Hut.

Thats how Jabba rolls.

This has always been a dream of mine. To have a tube coming out of God knows where to take hits while I sit about sedentary. Fortunately I ceased being interested in vapes before I had a chance to convince myself to buy it.

Having revisited the site in 2009 I noticed it hadn't been updated in four years. Google still had it on the top of the list though. Searching further, I came upon this site: http://www.gotvape.com/ . This site actually sells vaporizers and has a number of reviews on various models. The highest rated unit was the Extreem Vaporizer by Arizer. This is a forced air vaporizer, something that excites the lazyness center of my brain. It uses several fans to blow a hit for you so you never actually have to use real effort to take a drag. It comes with a whip and an attachment to inflate bags like the volcano. It even has a friggen remote control! It costs 300 dollars...

I got as far as putting this monster in a shopping cart and clicking checkout. That was when my sensibility took hold and ordered me to research this shit more before I make a financial fool of myself. I left the enticing allure of GotVape's front page, with the doctor crossing his arms with mild satisfaction.

I decided I was going to look further down Google's list. I eventually found this forum: http://www.fuckcombustion.com/. It was widely regarded as the only place to find non-biased Vaporizer info from people who actually owned and used the units. Actually there are quit a few people who design and build home-made vapes as well as engineers and manufacturers who lurk and post regarding the brands they make. If you are at all serious about buying a vaporizer and want as much information about the products out there before you shell out your cash, this is the site for you.

I'm going to continue my story tomorrow if I have time. Suffice to say I have come to a decision, and made a purchase. I will keep you all posted and let you know how I make out. Until then...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mitt Romney

I know this is late, but I think its important for all of us to understand this guy in case he decides to run again, thank God he isn't the governor anymore.

A homeless Vietnam veteran has claimed that current presidential candidate Mitt Romney had oral sex with him in exchange for food, blankets and ‘hugs’ in the winter of 1994, the Canadian media reported today. Ron Whitecastle, now 63, says that Romney ‘would show-up in the alley all coked-up and offer bags of hamburgers to let him suck us off'. Experts say that closet homosexuals often resort to acts of intimacy with strangers of poor reputation in order to exercise their sexual urges without interference with their public life. "He would ask for reciprocation but I refused," says Whitecastle. "He also liked being slapped while he was doing his thing. He really got into it." The effects of this information on the upcoming US presidential primary elections is not yet known and neither the Romney nor the McCain campaigns have commented.

Good dog!!

I was gunna stop posting, but I had to show you guys this one last video.

He's got me sold.



Cool breakdown!

If only more people had the balls to do this. This happened right before the recession too.

I almost shart myself!



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