What the Shed Looks At

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some pictures I stumbled across.

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  1. Re: the second picture in this post, the one about sickness as punishment.

    Punishment is not the only reason that God makes us sick. Sometimes, he just does it for the lulz e.g. Job. Sometimes, God will make us sick, and persecuted, and kill all the people we have ever loved just to see what happens. If we get pissed at God for being such a dick, the devil has won and humanity is ultimately damned. If we submit to God's will and accept that all this douchebaggery is well within his rights, then he'll win the bet with the devil and we still don't get our wife and family back. But God may give us a new trophy wife to spawn more snotnosed shits, and if he does, we have to continue acting like it's all OK and this makes up for killing the woman we did actually love and the family we had invested so much of ourselves in. Makes perfect sense!



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