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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cops cross the line...

The cops finally do something the public can't deal with. Unlike in Oakland when they kill a kid who is not really struggling and the crowd goes "oooohhhh..." instead of tearing the officer to pieces or at least the officer getting arrested on the spot.


  1. YES!!! This is a classic clip, and one of my all time personal favorites. The cops brutalize a dude in view of everyone. Its total hubris. The flying knee strike from the soccer player kicks it off, and the rest of the stadium joins in. Its a beautiful thing. I have shown this clip to people tons of times, but I don't think anyone really can appreciate why I get so worked up about it. Its one of those images that makes me feel warm inside.

  2. Oh BTW the Oakland incident is a clear case of murder. This is the reason why cops don't want you to film them. They will get VERY agitated if they see you trying to record them. So if you do decide to film a cop in the line of duty, try to be as low key as possible.

    I can understand why nobody rushed the cops in Oakland though, there weren't nearly enough people, and these cops all had guns and were obviously willing to use them. There were more cops as well, You really can't fault them for not trying to 'tear them apart'. Makes me froth with anger though.



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