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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some shit I use.

Process Explorer
This is a replacement to Microsoft's task manager, and it is much better. Just give it a try. Also under options there is a way to make process explorer run with the ctl-alt-del key combo that opens task manager.

This is by far the best alternative file copier out there right now. Microsofts WinXp copy code is stupid. One thing I like about Teracopy is you can queue up stuff to copy as you go and it won't crash your computer. Its also small and very fast.

This is a replacement for msconfig. It allows you to edit what your computer automatically runs during startup. This includes services and shit. If you know what your doing with this you can get all of your resources free from all the garbage that you've collected.

This little .exe is great despite the ugly website. You can get detailed information about the hardware on a computer without opening the case up.

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