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Friday, October 16, 2009

Just a little concerning...

This is is a bit of a read but it's worth it.


I'm thinking about deleting my online accounts.


  1. Certainly, the legal implications of this case are disturbing. I'm not getting off the internet. There are lots of actions in noninternet life for which there is clearly no sensible basis for prohibition, yet which are prohibited by law. I'm not checking out of RL or the internet.

    This comes back to a simple argument: if some body (in this case, the US government) seeks to apply rules which are invalid by their nature, then those rules do not become valid by their senseless application. Recognize that the courts have no authority in this matter. The police have no authority. The state has no authority. They have force of arms. I'm not afraid. There have always been entities which are able to destroy me, and I refuse to live in fear of these bullies.

    The US government can continue to demonstrate its gross incompetence in every aspect of governance, and I will continue to live my life heedless of their edicts which they would like me to believe are law. When I am caught breaking their "laws" they may haul my ass into their kangaroo courts. I may get a lip service trial. Judging from my past experience, I'll be able to get by without losing too much skin, since they're not even competent at enforcement of their own nonsensical pronouncements. How could they be? An inconsistent system cannot be enforced consistently.

    True freedom comes only from the epiphany that you were born completely free, and nothing has ever happened to change that. If a man in Washington, or the state house, or city hall, or a police cruiser tells me otherwise, he's lying to me. I can, and in fact must, do as I please. The bullies' codified attempts at enforcing hegemony have failed, at least as applied to me. Do not let them succeed on you. Do not be afraid. Together, we the human race shall overcome the nightmare of statehood.

  2. I don't have a myspace or facebook. If I remember correctly, facebook was designed and built by two ex-CIA agents who were assigned to design a government database to track all US citizens.

  3. Yeah, this article explains my previous comment. For a minute there I forgot to back my shit up with actual evidence. Not that anything on the internet is actually credible.




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