What the Shed Looks At

Friday, April 9, 2010

Video Dump

Damn that guy can fucking sing.


  1. Yeah that dude is fucking annoying. I really wish the Japanese would find a culture that both us and them can agree on, and stop trying to emulate us. Its a cultural "Uncanny Valley" (google it) with them.

    Naturally, their samurai culture (post warring states period of course) was much too peaceful and idyllic for us in the west to allow (again google it before you comment on peaceful samurai). They lived in peace and scholarship for two hundred years before Americans rolled up in steamships and forced them to open borders. This ushered in years of violence culminating in WW2. Now all they can do is mimic our culture through a circus mirror. They seem drug addled by our standards. Like a young shiny raver covered in plastic beads who darts about hardly considering what she is doing. You half expect to find Japan passed out in a corner, a sweaty mass covered in puke, a thin bead of blood emanating from the nose.