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Friday, June 26, 2009

Rock Cookie Bottom

The artist in the Jerks and Idiots post was named Jonathan Mann. He is some guy from somewhere. He has decided that he will be making a song a day for a year for some reason. Here is his website.

Anyways, I figured I would make a post about it because I have heard from a couple of people that they do not want to listen because he can't shit gold 365 days a year. So I figured I would go through the pile of turds and find the gold nuggets for you. Man, I love torturing metaphors.

There's So Much To Know- I love this song because of the lyrics solely, the guitar is alright but simple.

You're All Right, Isaac Newton- There are some real forced rhymes with this song, but any song that posits that Isaac Newton was an alien and he didn't know it is alright with me.

A Letter to the Killer of George Tiller- I love this song, just wholesale, I downloaded it from some mp3 conversion site for youtube and listen to it on my iPod. This song is that awesome.

Your mileage may vary.

Hey Paul Krugman (A Song, A Plea)- This song is ok but the chorus of the song gets stuck in my head every couple hours now. It's really good. And I kind of agree with the politics.

Embedding disabled but here is the link.

Don't Give In to Madness- I'm not a communist but my grandaddy was.

Swine Flu: The Musical- Please, media, just leave me the hell alone.

Cannabis Criminalization: A Shorth History In Song- Exactly what it sounds like.

I am Israel, I am Palestine- This is a pretty good song that follows the general anti-war formula. He is influenced by Bob Dylan though after all.

Torture Memos: Waterboarding- This is one of my favorites. A song using the exact language from John Yoo's memos legally justifying torture.

You're Doing it Right, John Stewart- A paean to John Stewart for ultimate Jewish justice.

Well, that's about it. I haven't listened to all 170 songs of his but those are my favorites right now.

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  1. I fucking hate dork rock. I did like the waterboarding song a lot though. The cannibus song was ok as well.



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