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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The best non-news ever.

All you really need to understand to know what the hell is going on in Iran.

I suppose we may as well sign these posts so I guess I will start treating these as messages to readers instead of an info dump. Anyways these are just some links I was reading in the shed. I will eventually do some effort posts but I am so lazy.

And I will attempt to understand your post when I get home, Gordan.


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  1. Yeah the scumbag from Nevada was on NPR today apologizing. He said it was during a "difficult time" in his marriage. In other words he fucked the bitch to get back at his wife for being a cunt or something.

    Also, chekc this shit out. Its a statistical analysis of the Iranian Election.


    Man, Google has got to really iron out some of the bugs in this site.



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