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Monday, June 15, 2009

Hi guys! Gordan here!

Ok, before I get really into this I would like to say a few things. We probably should let each other know who is doing the posting. Also I looked at the terms of service of this site and they give the thumbs up for porno (adult content). No that doesn't mean I'm going to saturate your blog with smut. Frankly I don't want to hear you fucks pretend to not like the shit. However, assuming you guys actually read this blog, I'm going to feel free to feel free. You get my drift?

I'm going to be following this post later tonight with some research I have done, or more accurately stumbled upon about the origins of life. I hope this will inspire you to contribute to this blog. I know there are several things I promised to find for James, and I hope to cover that in the next few days. I also hope that our vastly differing interests don't sabotage this thing, because I, for one, need this sort of thing desperately.

Lastly. I'm down with everyone contributing to this. Give out the password to people.

Be back later with some shit that will piss the creationists off.

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