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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Officer Bubbles

So this prick arrests a bitch at the g20 summit in Toronto for blowing bubbles, shit you not. Now he is suing everyone on youtube, posters and commenters alike, who have mocked his pathetic ass. Watch the video and join in on the ridicule. nobody has earned it more. Also, in case you are lazy I have prepared a statement for you all:

Officer bubbles you are a jackass. You earned every bit of ridicule you've received. Assault laws are on the books to protect the weak, and you would use them to arrest someone over a microliter of soap and water. Now you are suing people for speaking out against you. The only honorable thing for you to do now would be to resign, but you won't because you have grown accustomed to the protections afforded you by your position. Your a big pussy.


  1. this guy is so stupid. he doesn't have any idea what he did

  2. He doesn't know he is fool. Also I would like to fuck this bitch, full force in the vagina, mouth, and ass.



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