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Monday, September 27, 2010

This isn't your everyday couple.

Normally this sort of shit doesn't make the cut. Admittedly the line I draw as to what to post on the blog is a bit low, but its been a slow week. So without further ado...

Part of me is repulsed, but another is happy these two managed to find each other. Only in the internet age I guess. It is much better then the alternative where they marry relatively normal folks and keep their horse-fucking secret.

BTW disease does transfer from animal to human, and this is a common medium. I have heard something like 80% of human viruses are evolved from animals and transferred somehow. So, yeah just keep that in mind in case any of you ultra liberal types try to justify this behavior. Also, animals cannot give consent, nor do they have similar mannerisms to humans. The dude in the video is just deluding himself when he thinks the horse likes it. This is a phenomena called anthropomorphizing. We imagine that the animal has human qualities and understandings. Its the same thing you see when a batshit insane old lady talks to her cat. Animals don't give consent to other animals either, but we are human and we expect a little more from each other.

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  1. My problem with this kind of shit has to do with the consent argument against fucking animals. I have studied disease transmission a bit and have found that the prevailing theory is that interspecies transmission of disease is due to unsanitary slaughtering conditions or inadequate cooking of food. Interspecies sex has never been implicated in a disease crossing the species boundary if it was not already capable of doing so by other means. This make me feel better because I really don't care what people do sexually so long as it doesn't directly affect me. I do think it's REALLY fucked up that these people think that the animals are deriving some sort of pleasure other than fulfillment of a reflex response.

    It would be interesting to see how these animals behaved in a "natural" setting after the sexual abuse.