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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sam Harris is a kinda cool dude.


This is Sam Harris. He is a kinda cool dude. He got a bachelors degree from Stanford in philosophy and then got a PhD in neuroscience from UCLA. He wrote a book entitled The End of Faith and subsequently put out a response to criticism of it entitled Letter to a Christian Nation. He co-founded the Reason Project and has been interviewed three times on Point of Inquiry, the podcast of the Center for Inquiry which you should listen to even though the host is kinda douchey.

He has had a series of columns published in the Washington Post's On Faith section. He has done a whole bunch of other things like argue with theists and write stuff about brains and whatever but now you have to read about him because I'm not typing anymore.

But here's a video.


  1. Sam Harris IS a cool guy, and he doesn't afraid of anything.

    The Ted Talk was Too long; Didn't watch, but I can tell from the picture.

  2. I can has moar awesome TED talks!!!!11