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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Gulf Oil Spill

Here is a decent video explaining the cause of the oils spill off the gulf coast.

BTW, why are we going to Al Jezeera to get a straight explanation?

The Associated Press reports the underwater rupture has grown to 210,000 gallons per day.

The oil spill rivals the size of Florida and can be clearly seen from space.

Also, someone managed to capture the rig's final moments as it sinks to the bottom, complete with the Coast Guard putting up a token effort to contain the inferno.

Today I heard someone on NPR claim that there is a real danger of a further rupture on the wellhead. This could potentially result in the leak to continue for several months. This will likely be far larger then the current worst spill in history. Be sure to note how each side in the Gulf War blames the other for this catastrophe. He who wins the war gets the most space in the Wikipedia article.

Also, there is talk that BP disregarded safety regulations and such. The good old Profits before safety mantra we've been hearing about lately.

Boy the universe does like to shit on Louisiana doesn't it? I just hope some Texans get their chance to experience this wonderful little ecological upper deck as well. I think they need to stew in some hydrocarbons to get the big picture of what we are doing to the world. I bet they will go home and bath in turpentine and call it a cost of doing business. Fuckers. I hope they prove me wrong.


  1. As regards Al-Jazeera, it's a very good news site. Don't knock it.

  2. Oh no, I'm not knocking Al-Jazeera, I'm commenting on how domestic sources of news can't seem to explain things properly.

  3. Al-Jazeera is a lot like NPR and the BBC in that they do not have the same for profit model of journalism the most of the mainstream news outlets in the US have. Not that they don't try to make money, it's just that their first obligation is not to shareholders.

  4. should have mentioned, for the polar opposite of not for profit news, check out al-Hurra and read up on the Smith–Mundt Act.