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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The ViceGuide to Liberia

This is a follow-up of the video on Liberia I posted a few days ago. It uses some of the stock footage from the first, but the journalism is all original. Shane from VBS.TV goes to the African shithole of Liberia to talk to the warlords who eat people. What he finds there is truly baffling. He meets a character known as General Butt Naked and learns all about his cannibalistic past. This is probably the best shit to come out of VBS. You should seriously invest the time to watch this, you won't be disappointed. You have a personal guarantee on that. Vice normally puts it's shows up in 10 minutes chunks, but they decided to post this in its entirety as one video, and here it is:

Just to give you an example at how little is known about Liberia and it's problems. Type "West Pount Liberia" into google. This refers to the ghetto in Liberia's capitol city Monrovia that was visited by the VBS.TV crew. The first three hits link back to this documentary, and the fifth goes to an overt racist website.

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  1. I think I watched the first installment of this series and then never bothered to follow up on it. I have finished forty minutes but I must sleep. It's pretty awesome though.