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Monday, February 8, 2010


Chronology of events through the last years of the Inca Empire
1526–1527 – Francisco Pizarro and Diego de Almagro make first contact with Inca Empire at Tumbes, the last Inca stronghold the North
c. 1528 – The Inca emperor Huanya Capac dies from European introduced smallpox. Death sets off a civil war between his sons: Atahualpa and Huascar
1528–1529 – Pizarro returns to Spain where he is granted by the Queen of Spain the license to conquer Peru
1531–1532-- Pizarro's third voyage to Peru, Atahualpa captured by Spaniards
1533 – Atahualpa is executed; Almagro arrives; Pizarro captures Cusco and installs seventeen year old Manco Inca as new Inca emperor
1535 – Pizarro founds the city of Lima; Almagro leaves for Chile
1536 – Gonzalo Pizarro steals Manco Inca’s wife, Cura Olcollo. Manca rebels and surrounds Cuzco. Juan Pizarro is killed, and Inca general Quizo Yupanqui attacks Lima
1537 – Almagro seizes Cusco from Hernando and Gonzalo Pizarro. Rodrigo Orgonez sacks Vitcos and captures Manco Inca’s son, Titu Cusi. Manco escapes and flees to Vilcabamba, the new Inca capital
1538 – Hernando Pizarro executes Diego de Almagro
1539 – Gonzalo Pizarro invades and sacks Vilcabamba; Manco Inca escapes but Francisco Pizarro executes Mancos wife, Cura Olcollo
1541 – Francisco Pizarro is murdered by Diego de Almagro II and other supporters of Almagro
1544 - Manco Inca gets killed by the Spanish. But even after that, the Inca do not stop their revolt.
1572 – viceroy of Peru, Francisco Toledo, declares war on Vilcabamba; Vilcabamba is sacked and Tupac Amaru, the last Inca emperor, is captured and executed in Cusco. The Inca capital of Vilcabamba is abandoned; the Spaniards remove inhabitants and relocate them to the newly established Christian town of San Francisco de la Victoria de Vilcabamba.

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