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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fetal stem cells help the mother

This blog has a write up about fetal stem cells migrating to the mothers heart to help repair it after a heart attack.


  1. This is pretty cool shit, however, the way you have written it made me think that this actually happened to a human instead of merely being observed in mice. It does say that pregnant women with heart illnesses have better recovery rates, and that stem cells are found in the heart and other organs, but definitely nothing definitive. There is a lot going on in a pregnant woman I would imagine, and there may be many other explanations for these observations.

    Also, was there ever any doubt that stem cells have therapeutic properties? I think the controversy is over how they are harvested.

    Lastly, you got sick? Have a baby!!

    I dream of a world where no one procreates except to get a fresh infusion of stem cells to maintain immortality.

    Life maintains at conception!

  2. Life will find a way.....

    even if it is through purposeful procreation.