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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Patrick Stewart on Extras


  1. Keep them coming G-man. I'd always love to know more behind the personal side of the "captain" of the the Star ship Enterprise. Tho still think hand on hand Kirk would drop him ,but Sisko would drop them both...hand on hand at least.

    Janeway has the power of the Puss..so that goes a long way in the deep dark infinite land of space.

    And as far as Quantum leap (captain Archer goes) bitchslapped all the way... ..archer goes for jean luc picard(being old of course ), Janeway takes him out with a shot in the pills... Kirk tries a deal of a two on two with Sisko, which Sisko(after kirk turns around) stomps him somewhere into the Delta Quad..Sisko destroys Jane with a backhand from species 8472, knocking her dry out.

    Picard goes hand on hand and loses to Sisko..but Jane in her creative wisdom holds sisko's son hostage forcing Picard to give him the famous 3-2 combo from "generations" movie., taking him out...then the two celebrate with Picard winning...in the bedroom of course.

    Which leaves in conclusion janeway holding the "next Generation" clear in that captain size womb of her's....Picard and Janeway win...Picard equals MVP

  2. This is pure insight, but I think the sexual side of Picard was never really fleshed out, so to speak. I think Picard deserves MVP though. There wouldn't be a Sisko, Janeway, or Archer, if it weren't for Picard. Janeway owes him the puss, and if Sisko has to take the fall, so be it. Archer was fail. He reminds me of the epic fail of Barkley on that episode they caught him on the holodeck with virtual Troy.