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Monday, November 8, 2010

Take 2

Hopefully this one still works when you get to it.


  1. Maher is a sad butthurt liberal who doesn't understand the word moderate. The rally was for restoring sanity to the media as well as politics. If you honestly still think that liberals aren't prone to insanity then you really need to watch MSNbc.

    The media fills an important function in our society. It is where discussion of contemporary world problems originates. There is a lack of rational discussion of anything on BOTH sides in this country. That is why we must all turn to foreign sources like BBC and Al Jazeera for actual news.

    This problem isn't a symptom of a disease in this country, it is the cause. Media outlets lead the discussion, and the politicians run with it because they want to get elected. Politicians care about what is popular, not what is right or reasonable. Jon Steward is the ONLY one to stand against this cancer.

    Seriously, you've got to ask yourself, if liberals are so reasonable, why can't they get anything done? Why are they getting voted out of office in droves if they are so rational? Either they are indeed insane, or reasonable and rational have been made unpopular. Either way Bill Maher is a retard.

  2. I watch and enjoy both shows, but if I had to pick a retard winner between the two of them that man would be Mr. Stewart.

    During the horrible G.W.A. strike(which Stewart supported ) his show came to a halt.

    Maher's show kept airing while Bill continued writing his own jokes without the help of his own writers(very bad jokes) I might add.

    But when ratings are high you stand up to the powers to be and support your loyal viewers.

    That and the powers to be at comedy central had their shot with Maher. Anyone remember "Politically Incorrect"?

    Guess Mr. Maher was a bit too edgy for them too.

  3. You'll have to forgive the tone of some of my comments. My keyboard is getting difficult to use (sticky keys), and for longer posts this can get me pretty worked up. Sometimes my frustration shows in the the words I choose.

    Nice to see you Shadow! Yeah Maher has been entertaining in the past. I just think his ribs on Stewarts rally are disingenuous, and possibly born out of jealousy. I don't think Maher has anywhere near the kind of popularity to stage something of that scale.

    Which leads me to my final thought on this video:

    If Maher wants to criticize Stewart for not standing for anything, then perhaps he should stage his own fucking rally.

  4. That Makes sense. Tho I am sure the turn out rate would hardly match what Mr. Stewart pulled off. Nice to see you as well.

    I am not sure why my comments are all double spaced and such, seems every blog I write, it turns out that way. Have to go into my config and see whats up with that.

    Not sure how many people are football fans out there, but the Superbowl party to be at this year will most def be at my house.
    Be there, or I will have to throw the yellow flag for delay of game.

    Kinda off subject, but does anyone remember the "Richard Bay show"? I loved it, it was the beta test for the Jerry Springer show.. I just loved how they would use sound effects such as cow's groaning when fat people would come on stage, or if some guest was getting out of line you would hear a real monotone "shutup...shutup" loop.

    And Jerry's final thought, always great, but a little too late when the common sense comes out at the very end of the show...talk about the "ring master".

    At least one good thing came out of that era. And we all know that was the Steve Wilkos Show. A.K.A. taking the Antagonist guest and offering to get them help while escorting them out the back door into the alley. Then again..he seemed to do the same with the hot guests on the show. Any way you slice it, someone's getting help, weather they want it or not :)



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