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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Camino Del Rey

This is video of one of the most dangerous footpaths in existence. Construction of the Camino Del Rey was started in 1901 and finished in 1905. It follows the contour of a sheer cliff face 900 feet high somewhere in Spain. It has since fallen into disrepair, and has closed. This doesn't stop the tourists though. There have been many deaths on the Camino Del Rey, and you should be able to see why. Enjoy, don't get vertigo.

You'll notice the wire that has been put up for harnesses. It is sorely needed, however I doubt the cameraman is using it as you can see a fellow with a harness in the middle of the video and it would clearly require you to stop at intervals to reengage the clamps. Also, I have read that the steel wire is dubious as to it effectiveness. Nobody seems to really trust it, and they recommend that you stay far behind anyone else who is using it in case they fall. The cable probably wouldn't hold that much weight. There are plans and funding to repair the path.

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