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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Evolution "Debate"

I'm really sick and tired of all this talk of "The Theory of Evolution". Evolution was a theory back in Darwin's time. What the "Theory of Evolution" now refers to is the body of evidence we have collected over the last 150 years. Darwin was so brilliant because he is the first man to theorize anything about the effect time has on a form of life. He saw this like a detective looking at a crime scene photo. A single snapshot in time preserved on the Galapagos. Today we have what amounts to a high definition video of the entire crime unfolding in front of us in the fossil record.

What anti-evolutionists don't seem to understand is attacking evolution in public schools will not hurt the "Theory of Evolution". We will instead choose a path of willful ignorance, with the rest of the world determined to understand the universe around us, and doing so at a geometric rate.

Perhaps if the silent majority were to speak up about this instead of trying not to step on toes we could stop wasting energy on this.

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I dug this up shortly after I wrote this...

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